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 The health of your agency's property room is our top priority because we are strongly invested in this professional community!  The successes and challenges of one organization can impact the reputation for all, so we ensure our process leaves you with all the tools for a highly successful property room and the roadmap to help solidify your reputation within the State and local community.

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An exploratory consultation will provide the basis for determining the right steps for your agency. We offer remote meetings, an onsite walkthrough or a comprehensive audit process.  We'll discuss the benefits of each solution and determine together the course of action that provides the resolution to your agency's needs.  Expect a complete written summary of our recommendations based on our consultation and an action plan to move your agency toward achieving industry best practices.


The foundation of a well-functioning property room is the policy and procedures that guide it.  EMCS is well-versed and experienced in Oregon property law. We provide guided expertise through the review of your agency policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with State, Federal and local law.  The process can be as simple as a review of your policies and procedures, or as in-depth as an onsite procedural audit taking a deeper look at the efficacy of those procedures within the property room. Our final report highlights areas of competency to maintain and opportunities to streamline.


An annual inventory and audit maintains the integrity of evidence operations. Our independent analysis provides transparency to the evidence process and reduces liability by identifying issues early on and establishing an inventory baseline. Evidence Management Consulting Services, LLC works alongside your agency as a neutral entity to provide a wide range of auditing services specific to your department.

Auditing services are customized but generally include a detailed review of your data capturing systems (if applicable), an onsite physical inventory of high-risk property, a representative sampling of general property, and verification of accuracy of inventoried property against data logs. A thorough report documents areas of concern and highlights opportunities for improvement. 

We take a practical approach to our action plans, focusing on reasonable solutions that are outlined in easy to follow steps and presented with options for a variety of budgets.


We have worked with budgets and departments of all sizes; we're subject matter experts in "making do with what you have"!  Our broad experience in property rooms has exposed us to the unique challenges these spaces present.  Whether you're designing a new space, trying to make room in an old one or working to align your division with contemporary storage practices, EMCS can offer creative, affordable options that range from simple property movement to global system reorganization.  Let us consult with you at the onset of a new project to create process-efficient spaces specifically designed for property workflows, and to navigate the complexities of industry requirements; or contact us with your organizational crisis and we'll offer a range of immediately feasible options, followed by a customized plan for continued improvement. 


If your agency has never had an independent evidence assessment, it can be instrumental as a cornerstone for building your program, be used to justify an increase in staffing or, perhaps most vital, build community trust by highlight agency transparency.

A systems assessment focuses on core areas that drive the property room: 

  • Operational processes including workload analysis and staffing

  • Procedural analysis to include intake, workflow and disposal processes

  • Facility inspection and security review

  • Assessment of technology systems. 

Evaluations include a collaborative approach of remote information gathering and an onsite observation and analysis visit by the EMCS team, followed by a thorough report and action plan that follow best standards.  

Oregon Property & Evidence Audits & Inventories
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