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Oregon property & evidence audits

Leading the advance of successful property room management. 




Evidence Management Consulting Services offers the only professional property & evidence inventory and auditing services in Oregon.  Our extensive evidence management experience and comprehensive knowledge of property law, policy, and procedure provides the framework for a responsible, honest and compassionate approach to every project.   

This framework sits on a firm foundation of personal and professional integrity, ensuring our clients are receiving only the best we have to offer!  We are committed to implementing sound evidence practices to limit agency liability through robust policy and procedures derived from industry standards, local standards, and the law.




a smidge ABOUT US

Let's face it, most folks in law enforcement look at us sideways when we tell them that we not only work in Property & Evidence, but we LOVE it!  Our combined 45 years experience likely is proof enough of that, but there are a few more things we think you should know...


Darci VandenHoek, CPES 

Darci began her career with the Hillsboro Police Dept. in 1997, where she worked as a lead Evidence & Crime Scene Technician and Evidence supervisor for 20 years.  She is passionate about education and developing standardized procedures and training for techs across the state of Oregon, as well as promoting networking through peer relationships and agency partnerships. She was elected in 2017 and is acting President of the Oregon Association for Property & Evidence Officers. She creates and implements State-wide training programs, promotes industry best practices, and encourages integrity throughout the organization.

In 2018, Darci migrated south to lead the Evidence division at Salem Police Department, where she continues to share industry knowledge and utilize her strengths in organization, creation of procedural and system structures, auditing and training.  She has consulted with agencies across Oregon as a subject matter expert, conducted inventories and audits, designed evidence facilities, and moved 6 property rooms during her career.

Oregon Property & Evidence Consultants
Darci VandenHoek

Areas of expertise:  State & Federal laws pertaining to evidence, facility design and organization, creating efficient procedural systems, collection & evidence management, policy development, and working with partner agencies to identify issues and promote positive solutions.

One thing I geek out on at work:  Creating order from chaos!  Whether it's devising a more efficient way to store property, designing a new evidence facility, or integrating new technology, I adore function and structure!

My love language(s):  Coffee, Sarcasm, and Dean Koontz books.  Not necessarily in that order, but sometimes.


Lauren Jarrell

Lauren Jarrell, CPES

Lauren has over 20 years of law-enforcement experience that spans both sworn and non-sworn positions. She began her career in 2000 at the Jackson County Sheriff's office in Medford, working as a Deputy assigned to the Corrections Division.  In 2006, Lauren switched gears and took a position with the Oregon State Police as an evidence technician.  In 2018 she promoted into the Evidence Program Manager position, where she continues to supervise 15 evidence technicians and 28 property rooms.  She's conducted hundreds of inventories, audits  and inspections and specializes in operational procedure and property law.

Degrees/ Certifications:  BA of Spanish from Southern Oregon University.  Certified Property/Evidence Specialist through IAPE.  Certified law enforcement auditor through LD Consulting.


Work philosophy:  I like to see problems addressed.  It's incredibly satisfying to track progress and see a desired result come to life.  I am also a firm believer in laughing at work;  it's the best stress reliever.

Life Philosophy:  BE NICE!  It costs nothing and mean people are exhausting.

Greatest professional accomplishment:  Being selected by the Oregon Attorney General to serve on the advisory committee for biological evidence preservation.  Getting to advise lawmakers as they drafted new legislation was an incredible opportunity, and really forced me to "put up or shut up".

Favorite things:  My family.  Diet Coke.  Matching convenience packaging.




"We were very pleased with the work you did for our department!  We were in a transition period after a leadership change and in significant need of assistance to get our property room audited and organized, policy updated to reflect industry standards, and a complete review of our evidence management software.  You were very professional and efficient in providing us with a level of service beyond our expectations!  I can't thank you enough for the work you did and I would highly recommend your services to any department needing assistance with their property and evidence program."

Chief Cory Chase
Cottage Grove Police Dept.


"I appreciate the depth and thoroughness of your audit, and the subsequent report you provided for our department.  Please accept my thanks and gratitude for your willingness to come here, and my sincere appreciation for your professionalism and expertise shared with me and my staff."

Chief Mark Daniel
Mt. Angel Police Dept.


"Darci has the knowledge and the experience to be a strong resource for improving any evidence function and/or system. I can strongly recommend Darci for any evidence audit, review, facility development or evidence management issues."

Jeff Groth 
Sherwood Police Chief (Retired)


"I just received Supervisor VandenHoek's audit report and I am impressed by her due diligence in the document and her thoroughness of completing our request for a full audit.  After completion of her assignment, she was able to provide feedback in a positive manner and made several excellent suggestions to improve the integrity of evidence in our custody."

Chief David Rash
Hubbard Police Department





Let us know how best to reach you and we'll contact you ASAP to discuss how we can partner with you to provide lasting solutions to your evidence issues.

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